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Valerie Vigoda

As a classical violinist turned rebel, former backup musician to rockstars and an Off-Broadway star herself, Valerie Vigoda knows that nothing connects more primally with humans than music; it accentuates the content she teaches, guiding people toward a more vivid place where they are pushing their edges and thriving in uncertainty. Whether she is lighting up New York stages with her award- winning female-empowerment musical ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME, Valerie brings a magnetic, contagious spirit of peak aliveness to everything she does.

Valerie’s unique personal story of repeatedly facing into her greatest fears, rising to challenges in order to grow and play larger in the world, resonates with anyone who has ever felt insecurity, stagnation, or the fear of not being "enough." The listlessness and self-doubt we feel from cloaking our greatest ideas is an internal cry for life-changing power; we were meant and made for so much more.


Keynote Speakers


Lakecia Gunter

Developing your “x” Factor for greater career success

Lakecia is Vice President, Ecosystem Development and Operations, Programmable Solutions Group at Intel Corporation and an active member of the Intel Black Leadership Council, Intel’s Network of Intel African Americans, and Women at Intel. She also shares her time and talents with several non-profits including the Urban League of Portland, focused on empowering African Americans and other Oregonians to achieve equality in education, employment, and economic security, and Gateway to College National Network focused on improving educational outcomes for high school dropouts and underprepared collect students so that all young people can achieve college credentials.

Her efforts in the engineering career field as well as in the community has garnered her national recognition. She was named to Business insiders list of the 26 Most Powerful Female Engineers in 2016, listed at #11.


Carmen Ohling

Confidence Through Congruency

Live life on your own terms! Self-proclaimed food nerd, self-awareness seeker, lover of vegetables – including bloody marys – and fitness enthusiast, Carmen coaches ambitious women to obtain endless energy and live their best life.

Her goal is to educate, empower and enrich the lives of people she meets through nutrition, movement and empowerment. She is a certified holistic nutritionist, health influencer, personal empowerment coach and speaker. Carmen’s coaching programs and events allow you to discover, learn and grow, while making sustainable life changes.  Get ready for energy, inspiration, digging deep and taking steps to live your best life.


Layla Freeman

The Light Of Hope

Layla is the C.E.O. and Founder of the Non-Profit outreach ministry called Light of Hope. Named Oklahoma non-profit of the year for 2018, Light of Hope is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable ministry outreach for addiction and other life difficulties; assisting families and individuals through support groups, education, helpful resources, and encouraging them with hope for the future.

She is a woman who loves God with all her heart, and her greatest passion is to encourage and help others. After her daughter’s addiction death, Layla turned pain into purpose. This non-profit was formed after the loss of her oldest daughter, Ashley. 

Author of the book, Hope In The Struggle, she writes a daily encouragement blog called Layla’s Light.


Featured Speakers


Laura Morett

The Strength To Survive

Motivational Speaker, Empowered Community Leader.
Laura survived and thrived on two seasons of the reality show, CBS Survivor Samoa & Blood vs Water, where contestants are stranded in a remote location with little more than the clothes on their back.


Liz Flannery

When Light Leans Into Darkness

Wife, mother and best friend to many, Liz is a member of the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division and serves as the Latent Print and Trace Section Supervisor for the Portland Metro Forensic Laboratory.

Liz draws from a deep well of experience and personal enrichment and shares the lessons learned to inspire others. Two very important aspects emerged for her this past year – the right community is essential to help you grow in even the most difficult of moments, and women are the fiercest and most unstoppable forces on this earth when we support each other. Together, we are stronger!


Bobbi Jo Heagy

Owning Your Worth

Bobbi Jo’s mission is to assist women towards the discovery of their worth so they can live an empowered life of freedom, purpose, and fulfillment.  Her ultimate goal is to help others realize their worth, to truly love themselves for who they are, exactly as they are.

One of the ways she is doing that is by standing up for the voiceless.  She is an Advocate of Hope for those trapped in sex trafficking.


Lainey Morse

Find You Happy Distraction

Lainey is the Founder/CEO of The Original Goat Yoga! As seen in the NY Times, People Magazine, Washington Post, Vogue, Huffington Post, BBC and many more!

What is Goat Yoga? It is different things for different people. We’ve heard it described as “calm”, "therapy", “zen", and just plain “happiness.” However, there is one recurrent description - unexpected.” What started as a birthday party on a summer day in Oregon quickly grew into a global sensation with classes springing up worldwide.


Yoga and Meditation, Strength & Surrender


Clarissa Evans

My passion is for people to live healthy, happy and well. I love how good movement makes me feel and I love helping others find this kind of “feel good” too! 

I started as a competitive runner chasing the high. Later, I discovered yoga and how good it felt not to compete or chase but just be. I have a BS in Human Physiology and have studied Exercise Science, Soft Tissue Release and Yoga for over a decade.

These days I value the intensity of both exercising hard and recovering both mind and body. Learning and teaching better movement patterns so we can truly feel amazing in our bodies is my highest goal.


2018 Hope Award Recipient


Cecilia Ritter

The collective mission of the HOPE Award is to celebrate women who come together to learn, share, support, and then give it all back in ways that inspire women to stand in their brilliance. To recognize women who inspire others to do more. be more and give more.

Cecelia Ritter will select and present the HOPE Award to an inspirational woman at the 2019 conference.

Cecelia is co-owner/operator at ACME Café and co-owner at Wild Pear Restaurant & Catering in Salem, Oregon.