Amazing You
Women's Conference

October 4 & 5, 2018
Salem Convention Center


Amazing You!

Amazing You is a full-day women’s conference in Salem, Oregon designed for business women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. Celebrating its 5 year anniversary with a special pre-conference party, this empowering signature event is committed to professional and personal growth.


We Climb


At the 2018 conference, we are committed to providing a space that fuels connectivity and support amongst women. Our daily hurdles are shared with so many others. If we can focus on coming together, teaching each other what we know, and lifting each other up, we can tackle even our biggest challenges. 

Won't you join us as we climb these mountains together?


Conference creator, Bonnie Milletto, is on a mission to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. As a motivational empowerment speaker and author, she pours her heart into her career and those she comes in contact with. She has a way of connecting with others on a personal level as she strives to help reframe minds and perspectives. She brings positivity, joy and purpose into seemingly ordinary situations. You won't want to miss this engaging multi-day experience she's created for the amazing you that you are.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
— Bonnie Milletto

2018: Think Big


As the big 5 year anniversary of the conference approached, we knew it was time to go big! You’ll notice this in many areas of the conference – bigger venue, access to VIP parties, morning yoga, a full visual rebrand, this brand new website, as well as more sponsorship and partnering opportunities for the conference, including business promotion in the annual custom magazine UNSTOPPABLE, Inspiring Women. We’re investing more time, money and energy into this conference in order to provide you with the ultimate experience!